10 days Christian Itinerary Tour

Christian Itinerary


1st day.
Arrive Ben Gurion Airport.  Met by guide  
What we see today will depend on time of arrival.  Check this with Tel-Aviv / Netanya hotel. 
If we have time to tour do:
Old City of Yafo (Joppa – Peter and tablecloth from heaven; Simon the Tanner) outdoor market; maybe HaAretz Museum (has original Philistine Temple (Samson story) and an example of 4 room Israelite home among other things. Overnight Tel-Aviv or Netanya

2nd day.
Load bus with luggage.  Drive north to Caesarea Maritime; Visit the Roman theater in the impressive seaside Herodian city which served as the headquarters of Pontius Pilate, the location of Paul’s two-yea imprisonment, and the site the Gospel was first preached to Gentiles.  Continue to Haifa.    Visit Muchraka (site of contest Elijah and prophets of Ba’al and Ashteret).
Drive by Megiddo and through Valley of Armeggedon for Hill top view of Nazareth (if time visits the excavations under the Church of the Annunciation) Overnight: Tiberius.

3rd day.
Start day at site where Jesus had breakfast, after the resurrection on the beach with his disciples.  Read John 21.  Visit Mt. of Beatitudes where we can sit and contemplate Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mt.”.   See the 2,000-year-old “Jesus Boat.”  Have a delightful cruise on the Sea of Galilee and the option to enjoy a tasty lunch of St. Peter’s fish beside the very sea where it was caught.  Visit Capernaum, the city that served as Jesus’ headquarters.
Overnight Tiberius

4th day.
Head north this morning to Tel Dan.  Go for a nature walk to the headwaters of the Jordan River and then climb the Tel to see archeological evidence of three bible stories and the modern day border with Lebanon and Syria.  Visit the Banias, the ancient location of Caesarea Phillipi and site of Peter’s confession that Jesus was Messiah.  Enjoy an exhilarating drive through the Golan Heights to Mt. Bental, an evacuated Israeli military bunker overlooking Syria.  Overnight Tiberius.

5th day.
 Load bus with luggage. Stop at spectacular excavation of Beit Shean where 21 layers of civilization have been uncovered. Visit the Baptisma site. If weather good swim in the natural pools of Gan Hashlosha and just talk about or visit next door Ein Harod where Gideon chose the 300.   Drive along the Jordan Valley.    
  After dinner have bus take us down to water for float in the Dead Sea.
Overnight Jerusalem.

6th day.
Load bus with luggage.  Maybe early morning swim if group wishes.  Travel south to the Herodian fortress of Masada, where we will ride the cable car up to also see the last stronghold of the Jews during their rebellion against Rome.  Travel north to visit the Essen site of Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.  Travel UP TO Jerusalem.
Overnight Jerusalem

7th day.
Jerusalem day
Overnight Jerusalem

8th day.
Jerusalem day
Overnight Jerusalem

9th day.
Jerusalem day
Overnight Jerusalem

10th day.
Load bus with luggage. 
Half day free before traveling to the airport .